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Protect Yourself From Zika
(And Other Mosquito Borne Illnesses)

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Mosquitoes are tiny flies who feed on the blood of many species. The amount they drink is nominal and does not affect the victim, but their saliva can cause irritation, itching and rashes. But what makes the mosquito such a concern is not the rash they cause but the fact…

scotts green lawn

Lawn Feeding & Fertilizing Basics

| Lawn & Garden | No Comments

When to Feed for a Greener Lawn Your lawn is unique. Depending on where you live, what kind of grass, how much sun you get, and so much more will change how you take care of you grass. Scotts Library has a great collection of articles on how to take…

spring magnolia

Getting an early start on spring

| Lawn & Garden | No Comments

(BPT) – As soon as the first morning frost appears and the first snowflakes start to pile up, many begin looking forward to spring. Images of green leaves, red and orange blossoms, fresh vegetables and herbs help keep the cold winter days manageable as you wait for the ground to…

winter trimming

Winter tree trimming: why the season of white is a great time to think green

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(BPT) – Is your winter tree maintenance limited to trimming the Christmas tree? If so, you’re missing out on one of the season’s most important home projects. Many homeowners pay little attention to their trees and bushes once colder weather arrives, but seasonal maintenance done during these months can be…