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Staying Hydrated in the Heat

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As it gets hotter out, people are advised to limit their outdoor activities. Unfortunately, that is not always an option, especially for those who work outside. For those that must be outside, knowing the risk factors and knowing how to prevent them is key to keeping yourself protected. Working outdoors…


Elevate your garden game with raised beds and planter boxes

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(BPT) – What’s stopping you from gardening today? Do you live in an urban area, have a small yard or is your soil rocky and full of clay? Any of these challenges could make you believe that planting a garden simply isn’t in the plans this year, but that doesn’t…

patio shade

Have it made in the shade in your backyard this summer

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(BPT) – In the midst of the winter we love to think of the summer as this idyllic time when we live barefoot under the sky and everything is perfect and beautiful. Then when the summertime comes, we find ourselves complaining about too much sun, being too hot or bugs…