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Add fire safety to your family’s routine

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(BPT) – Think of all the items you replace regularly – your cellphone, lightbulbs and even your toothbrush. But when was the last time you replaced your smoke alarm batteries, or even the alarms themselves? It’s easy to overlook, but the time to think about fire safety is now –…


Warm up with 5 DIY projects to tackle this winter

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(BPT) – For the avid DIYer in you, the winter season may cause a little anxiety while you’re cooped up inside and unable to tackle those outdoor projects you’d love to finish. The good news, however, is that the inside of your home needs just as much DIY attention as…


8 tips to prep your home for extreme winter weather

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(BPT) – As winter approaches, many cities in the U.S. have already started to experience the winter chill with temperatures below freezing and snow fall. But cold weather isn’t exclusively a northern phenomenon as the majority of the country experiences extreme temperatures at some point during the winter months. Remember…

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Thinking of becoming a beekeeper?

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Whether you live on a farm, in a suburb, or in an urban city, beekeeping can be a fun and rewarding hobby or small business. As a beekeeper you can make more than just honey! Beeswax, lip balm, candles are a few of the things you can make from your…