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Smoke & Fire Facts

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Fires can be very dangerous any time of the year but especially in the winter. Know the following facts to help protect yourself and your loved ones. Statistics 905 people die in winter home fires each year. $2,091,000,000 in property loss occurs from winter home fires. 67 percent of winter…

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Black Dog in Snow

Keep Pets Safe in Winter

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Just as you prepare yourself for winter by getting coats, gloves and turning up the heat, it is important to prepare your pets as well! Outdoor Activities Your pet may have fur but that is not always enough to keep them warm in the winter. Just as you may still…

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Different Types of Heat Sources

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Propane Convection Heaters The Dyna-Glo 25,000 BTU portable convection gas-fired heater is are designed to provide a consistent, long-term solution for space heating. Ideal for workshops or construction sites, convection heaters  operate using a standard 20-lb. liquid propane tank (tank sold separately). These heaters do not require electricity for operation….

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Winter Road and Trees

Be prepared for frigid weather

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Dangerously cold weather is expected to hit much of the US this week with many areas expected to get temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures could get as low as zero degrees in some of our customer areas and even stores in Texas and Louisiana will be looking at mid-teens as…

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Snow Scene

Winter Storm Preparation

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Winter storms can range from a few inches of snow over several hours to a blizzard with total white out conditions that can last for several days. These winter storms are to be taken seriously, as these storms are often accompanied by dangerously low freezing temperatures, strong winds, sleet, icing,…

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