Lawn Feeding & Fertilizing Basics

scotts green lawn

When to Feed for a Greener Lawn

(BPT) Your lawn is unique. Depending on where you live, what kind of grass, how much sun you get, and so much more will change how you take care of you grass. Here’s some quick FYI.

The best times to feed are early spring (February – April), late spring (April-June), summer (June-August), and fall (September-November).

Products for Every Yard

Sutherland’s Homebase and DIY Supply carry a wide range of Scotts products for any kind of yard. From Weed and Feeds to Turf Builders, Grass Seeds to GrubEx, and all the equipment you need to use them!

Scotts Lawn-Care Plan

Be sure to check out the My Lawn Care Plan tool. It is an interactive online application which allows you to build a lawn care plan specific to you lawn. It allows you to enter what type of lawn you have and what you want, and even can tell you how big you yard is based on your address! Scotts Library has a great collection of articles on how to take care of and fertilize any kind of yard.

After that, it will tell you what products to use and when. You can get all your products at your local Sutherland’s Homebase or DIY Supply store!