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Priefert Premier Round Pen

Premier corral panels and ride thru gate make for the best round pen.

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Product Description

We think it’s the best on the market. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, Priefert Premier Panels are the toughest panels, tough enough for cattle, safe enough for horses. These uniquely designed panels are light enough to be portable, yet heavy enough to be durable. Originally introduced in 1984, the Premier was Priefert’s first panel and it has enjoyed outstanding popularity among horse and cattle owners alike. This panel combines more versatility and safety features than any other panel on the market to provide you with the best value possible.

Uniquely designed bow gates are intended for use with Priefert’s Premier Panels. With a Bow Frame height of 9’, these gates are ideal for “ride thru” applications, like providing access to round pens, arenas, paddocks, and working corrals.

These panels and gates are constructed from our patented Quadraform™ tubing to allow for maximum strength and flexibility, each panel features single piece vertical stays fitted through drilled rails to further increase the structural integrity.

Chain connections ensure tight connections and offer increased versatility to allow for connections over uneven ground and easy connections to existing structures. The Premier panel is designed with J-legs which increase the ease of portability and helps keep panels from sinking in to wet or boggy ground, while the horse friendly “Fishhook” top corners increase its strength and safety. The Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish helps the product to resist rust, scratches, and fading to add years of life to your investment.

Priefert corral panels are available in our Ft. Worth, TX, Mineral Wells, TX, Alexandria, LA,  Nevada, MO and Ottawa, KS stores only.